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Corned Beef Casserole You produce baking fricassee Corned Beef Casserole testing 6 prescription and 5 steps. Here is how you rack up.

process of Corned Beef Casserole

  1. give 12 oz. of can Corned Beef (broken up).
  2. Prepare 8 oz. of extra-sharp Cheddar Cheese grated (can use sharp cheddar if can't find extra-Sharp).
  3. use 1 C. of Sweet Onion diced.
  4. give 10 oz. of can Cream of Chicken Soup.
  5. also 1/2 C. of Milk (any fat percent).
  6. then 6 C. of Mullers Elbow Macaroni (cooked).

Corned Beef Casserole singly

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees..
  2. Mix the corned beef, cheese, and onion together.
  3. Mix the soup & milk together..
  4. Combine the 2 mixtures and add the Macaroni..
  5. Place into a 2.5 qt. lightly greased baking dish, and bake for 30 minutes..